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Deputy Chief of Police and General Security


Last Updated Date 04-05-2017

The current era is characterized by unlimited demand for security services, in general, and traffic services, in particular. The massive construction boom and rising in living standards, in addition to the unique geographic location and the forces of amplified attraction, lead to the increase in the number of licensed vehicles, in the emirate, and vehicles crossing its roads, at very high rates.
Dubai Police has been keen to develop its potentials and to activate its tool in the form and the extent to meet the huge increase in demand for traffic services, at the level of achieving the hopes and aspirations and satisfaction of the public.

Dubai Police has worked to support and develop all the themes and objectives of increasing the productivity of work, in the field of traffic, particularly, the rehabilitation of human resources and the development of work systems and strengthening capabilities and equipment, as well as take advantage of the appropriate technologies, in light of available resources and circumstances.

To keep Dubai Police up with the efforts directed towards the transition to e-government, and to meet the growing interest in the domestic market for electronic commerce, directions to take radical measures and structural approach have been taken to apply "E-Traffic". It means taking any venue to optimize the latest available technologies, through the operation of an integrated system to yield the best levels of performance.
Means of many telecommunications and computing technologies have been adapted to provide excellent services for achieving saving in effort, time, and cost. That, in return, has received the approbation and consent of the public dealing with the traffic systems. That segment of the public represents, at the same time, the majority of the public that deals with the police force, as a whole.
At the end of the year 2000, services and solutions, which make up the system of "E-Traffic", in its current form, consists of the following parts:

1. Service of "Traffic Fines Payment", in banks, in different emirates.
2. Service of "Emirates Progression".
Allocating a specific phone number 04-268 5555 with an automated response to public inquiries
3. Service of "Marhaba".
Where equipments are placed at the entrances of traffic units to familiarize the public of the processes of completing their paperwork
4. Service of "Traffic Fax".
Where information are sent to the interested party, on his own facsimile machine, mechanically and automatically, without any cost, on his part
5. Service of "E-mail".
Where information are sent to the interested party, through his own email address
6. Service of "Halan" (mobile phone).
Where information are sent to the interested party, through his own mobile phone
7. Electronic circulars exchange between traffic departments, in the country.
Circulars are sent to and received from the various traffic departments, automatically, on a daily basis
8. Service of "Automated Traffic Fine Payment".
Where the public can know the violations committed by them and pay the fines without having to visit the traffic department
9. Completion of traffic signs testing using the computer.
The possibility for the applicant for a driver's license to be tested, electronically, and identify his capabilities with the possibility of re-testing him
10. Create an internet site to familiarize the public of the services provided by the Traffic Department.

Where the public can obtain many of the information they need, to facilitate obtaining the services of traffic
This integrated system has multiple positive effects, on the surrounding community and on the individuals, as well as on the employees of Dubai Police, themselves.  It, also, facilitated the providing of advanced services that have won the public admiration.
What has been achieved, in this regard, is an endless excellence. Ambitious staff, of the General Department of Traffic, the prospects of advanced technologies, in addition to full support of the enlightened leadership of Dubai Police, make development, renewal, and seeking to be the best, a continuous rolling process that does not stop.

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