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Deputy Chief of Police and General Security

Executive Growth

Last Updated Date 04-05-2017

Since the appointment of the post of Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, in 1980, to His Excellency Lt. General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, he has worked hard to develop the work in the Dubai Police. He introduced many departments and divisions in the organizational structure until the Dubai Police has become so distinct and won many awards and certificates of appreciation, at the local, Arab, and global levels. Of these departments:

• A modern operation room linked with satellites
• Department of Organizations Protective Security
• Department of Traffic, in Deira and Bur Dubai
• Department of Transport and Rescue
• Forensic Laboratory
• Department of Forensic Medicine
• Police College
• Research and Studies Center
• Scientific Council of the police
• Police Museum
• Police stations, non-traditional
• Department of Services and Supplies
• Department of ports and airports
• Training and rehabilitation - for addicts
• Department of Human Rights
• Ambulance Department
• Department of Planning and Development
• Department of Human Resources
• Workshop of Wireless Communications
• Officers Club
• Department of Economic Crimes
• Department Computer Crimes
• Total Quality Management
• Police Advisory Board
• Department of Tourism Security

Successful programs:

His Excellency, Lt. General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, General Commander of Dubai Police, with his excellent initiatives in police work and envisioning for the future, he has launched many successful programs which have had a significant impact in raising the efficiency of police performance and community service. Those programs include:

• Program of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Sport and Fitness
Paperless Management - Event Management
• The Search for Intelligent Program
• Modern police stations
• Traffic awareness campaigns
• Progression of Emirates
We are all police
• Human being before the place
• Let us be together
• Language of Location
• You go to them and we come to you

Systems successful:

Because of his keen interest in the domain of technical development, his Excellency General Commander has introduced many of the advanced technical systems, in the field of police work, in the Dubai Police.
• Wireless (ANI) System
• Patrols Positioning System through satellites
• Under siege and isolation System
• Positioning System, using a computer telephony communications
• Fingerprint Matching System
• System of analyzing genetic fingerprinting - Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)
• The Criminal Expertise System
• Electronic Criminal Form System
• Black Points System
• System re-enactment how a traffic accident had occurred, using a computer
• The ultraviolet and infrared system to detect counterfeit currency (DVS)
• Lie Detection System, using a computer
• System for analyzing the voice

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