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In a commendable act of integrity, a young Indian child of determination found a tourist's lost watch and returned it to the Dubai Police, earning praise and recognition.


Acting on directives from Brigadier Harib Al Shamsi, the Acting Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation, the Dubai Tourist Police Department honoured the child for his honesty and good judgment.


Muhammad Ayan Younis was with his father when he found the watch in a tourist area and promptly took it to the Dubai Police to ensure it was returned to its rightful owner.


Dubai Tourist Police verified that the watch belonged to a tourist who had previously reported it lost and had since returned to his homeland. The police then contacted the tourist and successfully returned the watch to the tourist, who expressed his immense satisfaction with the high level of security and integrity in Dubai.


Brigadier Khalfan Obeid Al Jallaf, Director of the Tourist Police Department, along with his deputy, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Abdul Rahman, and Captain Shahab Al Saadi, Head of the Tourist Happiness Section, presented the child with an award in recognition of his admirable action.


Brigadier Al Jallaf highlighted the child's behaviour reflects the high moral standards and security prevalent in the UAE, particularly within its vital tourism sector.


Al Jallaf encouraged community members to take inspiration from Muhammad Ayan Younis's example of honesty and utilize the smart lost and found services available at the Smart Police Stations (SPS) to return found items, easing the process of reconnecting lost properties with their owners.

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