International Call Centers Award
Traffic Services
ICCA Criteria

Customer Experience

Leadership and Human Capital

Technology Used


Key Results
1) Customer Experience Consistency of client experience.
  • Evaluation of the client's journey with the Center in terms of understanding, in addition to the experience that the Center aspires to achieve in the main points of interaction of the client.
  • Planning the capacity of service delivery channels by managing the volume of service demand and developing the capacity of service delivery channels according to the future needs associated with the service.
  • Evaluating service delivery channels to be suitable for all customers.
  • Previous knowledge
2) Leadership of the Center and Human Capital
  • Culture of service through the ability to build a culture within the entity focused on the client, supported by appropriate values ​​centered on the service and the client.
  • Roles and responsibilities through the allocation and management of human resources for service delivery activities across all organizational units, to be understood and documented within appropriate roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop the capabilities of employees by training, mentoring and personal follow-up of individuals.
  • Work Environment
3) Techniques Used
  • Manage customer relations with the design, development and use of systems that provide a unified and comprehensive view of clients and provide decent treatment across various points of communication with them and through various channels.
  • The use of modern technologies and the level of integration of the service delivery system.
  • Manage and share content and data and ensure data privacy and security.

The systems used in the call center may include:

  • Call Distribution System is a call control system
  • Call recording is an electronic training system
  • Call prediction systems are artificial intelligence techniques
  • Quality measurement systems are databases
  • Automated answering system
4) Results
  • Standards and degree of quality assurance
  • Response speed Number of dealers
  • Response time
  • Missed / lost calls
  • Average customer service time
  • Quality Assurance Degree
  • Customer satisfaction - Human capital satisfaction
  • Results for the last 12 months for all channels