Emirates Society for the Talented
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Emirates Society for the Talented
The Message

The Talented is a national treasure and caring for him is a national duty

The Vision

The youth of today are the men of tomorrow. Searching for them is a national responsibility, so we must develop their skills, enhance their capabilities, enrich their creative talents, refine their capacities, and invest their energies, to serve the nation and to honor the citizen.

The Values
Loyalty, Dedication, and Honesty

The last decade of the twentieth century witnessed a vast global movement that calls for the revitalization for caring of the talented. It focused on the need to perceive and identify them, at an early age. The movement drew the attention to the need of providing educational and scholastic curricula, programs, and activities that meet their needs. The talented should be provided with the atmosphere and institutional structures that are able to absorb and manage their activities to develop them and maintain their continuity. Many advanced countries started to set aside large budgets, in order to conduct field studies and researches for talented children, develop the methods to perceive them, and to design appropriate programs that care for them.

Additionally, those studies and researches should be tailored to employ their creativity in several areas, keeping in mind, that money spent on this category is an investment for a long-term and communities will reap its fruits in the future and will put it to work on their development. In the recent years, a growing interest, in the affairs of the talented, has increased and was represented by proclaiming the "Emirates Society for the Talented" as one of the non-profit organizations in the United Arab Emirates. It aims to care for the talented, perceive them, create the appropriate environment to develop their abilities, realize their creative energies, provide for their needs, and invest in their capabilities. It also aims to work on harnessing their ability for the community development and provide the protection for their intellectual properties.

The interest of "Emirates Society for the Talented" stems from knowing the fact that the talented are natural national wealth of the utmost importance.