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National Center for measuring capabilities
The Idea:

The Emirates Center for Measuring Capabilities is a civil institution that is affiliated to the Emirates Society for the Talented. This Center provides special services related to detection and identification of the talented and gifted one. The process is done through the application of objective scientific measures that are designed to measure the preparedness and capabilities of these individuals. The purpose of that is to place them in the appropriate educational programs, and have an access to their potentials.

The objectives:
  • Develop standards and mental tests and codify them to the community of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Apply standards and tests to measure the preparations and capacities of individuals.
  • Benefit from the results of measurements and tests, in the detecting talented, distinguishing and placing them in programs that are appropriate for their abilities and potential.
  • Establish a database of the talented and the distinguished individuals at the State level.
  • Provide consultation in the area of the preparations and capacity of federal ministries and government and private institutions.
  • Conduct scientific researches in the field of talented and distinguished.
  • Rehabilitate and train national cadres in the areas of measuring the capabilities of the talented and the distinguished individuals.
Methodology and application:
The implementation of the project started at the beginning of 2004. Methods of implementation appropriate to their abilities:
  • Applying of standards and tests to measure the preparedness and capabilities that individuals possess. Benefit from the results of those standards and tests in the detection process to place them in programs that are appropriate to their abilities and capabilities.
  • Appropriated adoption for the current volunteering work. Establishing a database of the gifted and talented individuals, at the State level. Providing consultancy, in the relevant fields, to federal ministries and to government and private institutions. Conducting scientific research in the field of the gifted and talented ones. Rehabilitation and training of national cadres in the field of measuring the capabilities of gifted and talented individuals. The Center aspires to reach the level of leadership in the field of measurement, at the Arab level, and to help in activating the interests and attracts expertise in areas of different measurement.
  • The Center includes a group of specialists in psychology and psychometrics professors, from universities and colleges in the United Arab Emirates. It is assumed that the Center includes a group of technicians and professionals working in the application of psychological tests, correcting and interpreting the results.
  • Present preliminary tests to measure the capabilities, which include a series of tests. Specialists in the field of psychology and education have been employed and a specialized team has been formed, under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Baili, Vice-President of the Society; Professor Naemah Khalfan Rashid, Khalil Al-Hosani, Professor Sana Abdul-Azim Farghali, and Mr. Khaled Amer.
  • Tests include personality test of children, prepared by Dr. Attia Mahmood Han; non-verbal intelligence test "toni"; non-linguistic mental capacity, prepared by Dr. Mohammad Al-Baili, Dr. Jamil Al-Samadi, and Dr. Ahmad Saad Jalal; drawing test; and assessment form of behavioral characteristics.
  • The administrative structure of the Center includes Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Director of the Center, Measurement and Tests Unit, Information and Computer Unit, Researches and Studies Unit, Public Relations and Media Unit, and Finance and Administrative Unit.
  • The number of scholars of the Center is approximately 300 students on whom; the test of measuring capabilities has been applied.
Second Enrichment Program for the Talented

The program aims to highlight the importance of having special treatment for the talented which is different from the method of dealing with an average student. Recognizing him to be a national asset that must be put to investment. Searching for talented people who did not have the necessary opportunities to develop their talents. Providing the necessary care and enough support to continue the development of their talents and skills and to enhance their capabilities. Enriching their creativities and refining their talents, in order to invest in their energies, in the future.

The program also aims to provide additional programs of enrichment of schooling subjects and supporting materials (computer, innovation, invention, and electronics) and the development of their thinking skills to take them to the degree of creative production. Create a link between the talented and the educational institutions by encouraging them to participate in international competitions. Providing the support and location suitable for talented students, through summer holidays workshops, to give them the opportunity to accomplish their scientific and innovative projects. The program targets students who have passed the measurement and mental capability tests, at the National Center for Measuring Capabilities, and students with an academic excellence, who acquired advanced places in the scientific competitions, and students who have creative products (innovation, inventions and computer).

The Program, which is held every Saturday and Monday, at the Dubai Police Officers Club, and on Tuesday, at the Institute of Skills, includes activities and events of the nature of scientific, social, cultural and entertainment, designed to help students acquire a range of personal skills, and develop their capacities and mental capacities and knowledge to the benefit of society.

The proposed program also includes training to solve problems, in creative manners, and training on the creative sense, and a discover-yourself and develop your skills program, thinking day, and solving problems, creatively (CPS). Mr. Khalil Al-Hosani, psychological sparialist in the Center, carries out the program.

The Emirates Society for the Talented, has adopted, since its foundation in 1998, sponsoring of talented students. It calls national institutions and bodies to contribute to this national function. It conducted numerous meetings with government and civil bodies to strengthen its role and to emphasize on achieving its objectives that are aimed at shedding the light on an important segment of society; that is the talented.

Photo from the Center
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