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Plan to search for young scientists

The youth of today are the men of tomorrow. Search for them is a national responsibility, so we must develop their skills, enhance their capabilities, enrich their creative talents, refine their capacities, and invest their energies, to serve the nation and to honor the citizen. Message: The talented is a national wealth and caring for him is a national duty. Values: Loyalty, dedication, honesty

Strategic Objectives
  • Exclusive selection of elite young scientists, male and female, in science and mathematics.
  • The number should not be less than 15 students, on an annual basis.
  • Over the next ten years, the UAE to have 150 scientists, of various specializations.
  • Over the next ten years, the UAE to be a special center of excellence for researches and scientific studies, in the Arab World.
  • For our young Arab youth to be the most to patent inventions during the same period of time that we have mentioned earlier.
Highest policy is derived from

Holy Quran Guidance of the UAE President: "Young people are the wealth of the nation" "Young people are the wealth of the nation"

Decisions of the Board of Director Programs to be implemented

Selection, enrichment, refinement, enhancement, innovation, and invention


An evaluating of the plan to take place, a year and half, after the emergence of the positive comments and criticisms for the sake to improve the programs


Three years later. It is assumed that the plan will be assessed by neutral parties, and that performance measures are to be developed by which the plan will be assessed during the first 10 years, and then to move forward