Emirates Society for the Talented
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Strategic objectives for the care of talented people

"We have to be able to compete in a world with no limits or boundaries. No machine or capital, but man who can flourish."

Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom
Target (1): Discovery of talented people Strategies:
  • Enlighten the near community (family, school, coaches, bosses, etc.) about the importance and the ways to discover the talented people and the role of the Society, in that matter.
  • Follow-up, analysis of the results of test and competitions, and monitor the elite.
  • Disseminate the appropriate tools for measuring the levels of intelligence and special abilities.
  • Open direct channels of communication between the Society and those who believe that they have extraordinary abilities.
  • Build an information system for the talented people.
  • Prepare studies and researches on the characteristics of talented and their abilities and their level of intelligence.
  • Develop the school's tests that help in discovering the talented and the intellect.
  • The program "Search for the Talent".
Target (2): Create the appropriate environment to advance their abilities Strategies:
  • Enlighten of the near communities of the talented people and of the ways to deal with them.
  • Provide the emotional stability of the talented.
  • Protect them from the perverse effects and from whom that reject the changing.
  • Provide of appropriate educational opportunities that can help the talented to reach their maximum potential.
  • Value the talented, honor them, and promote their self-appreciation.
Target (3): Develop their abilities and creative energies Strategies:
  • Provide excellent educational programs, style and platform.
  • Overcome the bureaucratic constraints and facilitate the educational and academic mobility, of them (Academic Acceleration).
  • Remove obstacles that reduce the rates of growth in their capabilities.
  • Adopt their ideas and innovations and enlighten the concerned establishments of them.
  • Provide educational and triggering tools for them, especially to those in need who do not have the means required to development of their talents and creativities.
Target (4): Provide for their Needs Strategies:
  • Provide the necessary funds and equipment.
  • Encourage and sponsor of businesses and economic institutions to the talented and creative people
  • Provide resources, tools and raw materials necessary for the uses of talented people
  • The competent authorities have special programs for the talented students.
  • Finance the special programs designed to refine the capabilities of talented people.
  • Promote the rights of talented children to have access to an educational program suited to meet their needs and capabilities.
Target (5): Invest in and maximize the capabilities of their productivities Strategies:
  • Encourage innovations and inventions.
  • Enlighten the relevant establishments of the talented people's activities and inventions.
  • Provide the necessary funding to implement the innovations and inventions.
  • Support the talented to implement their ideas and inventions
Target (6): Harness their talents in the process of community development Strategies:
  • Support the talented to complete their studies and to refine their talent.
  • Assist them to have adequate access to employment opportunity.
  • Enhance communication between the talented and inventors and those who could benefit from their creations.
  • Enlighten them of problems facing their communities.
  • Avoid the means that encourage the talented to migrate to other countries.
Target (7): Provide adequate protection of their intellectual properties Strategies:
  • Document ideas and inventions and grant certificates of patent.
  • Support the patenting of inventions and ideas with the international establishments.
  • Support the Society members to get back their stolen rights or those that expose them to attack.
  • Work to designate names of inventions to their inventors to maximize the literary credit.
Target (8): Encourage studies and researches related to them Strategies:
  • Psychology of talent.
  • Assessment of talented and creators.
  • Guiding of talented and outstanding students.
  • Development of curricula for talented and outstanding students.
  • Methods of teaching talent.
  • Problems of talented and outstanding students.
  • Promotion of creative thinking. 8.Investment in talent.