General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology
Traffic Services
Administrative Affairs Department
Human Resources Management Section

The Human Resources Management Department is the core of all organizations’ success; it is the only point of contact for all employees’ queries and requests. It meets employees’ needs of all kinds and supplies advice and information on work like laws and regulations.

Coordination and Follow-up Section

The Coordination and Follow-up Section is the department concerned with following up the implementation of the annual inspection decisions of the General Administration and following up the implementation of decisions of the Assistant Commander in Chief for Criminal Research Affairs. It also prepares minutes of Central Command meetings, follows up the implementation of its decisions, and documents all incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Services Section

The Services Section provides support to all sections of the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence and Criminology in providing supplies, laboratory materials, the follow-up and maintenance of equipment and vehicles,  the follow-up and maintenance of work in the building, the  follow-up of agreements and supply contracts, publishing the Department's news on the site, the introduction and updating of shifts monthly, and the provision of technical support to all management staff.