General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology
Traffic Services
Forensic Medicine Department
Medical examination section

In this section, forensic medical examinations are conducted on live individuals for cases including types of  Injuries, physical abuse, age estimation, sexual abuse, criminal abortion, and civilian matters to respond to inquiries of competent authorities by issuing a certified forensic medical report.

Technical Support Section

This section specializes in X-ray examinations of live individuals referred from the medical examination section and dead bodies to show their internal parts and indicate surgical interventions done, injuries or bone fractures, the presence of foreign bodies, and  the development and growth of the bones for age estimation.

Mortuary Section

This section examines dead bodies, either with external examinations or autopsies,  to determine the cause and manner of death (e.g., natural  criminal, overdose, industrial accident, or suicide) and medical responsibility cases. The Medico legal expert examines the body following technical standards and prepares the forensic medical report to respond to the inquiries of competent authorities.

Pathological and Special Criminal Investigation Section

This section conducts pathological examinations of tissues taken from dead bodies during autopsies to examine microscopically. Screening tests include virology and sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and glucose.