General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does the administration receive requests for tests from the public?

The General Directorate of Criminal Evidence and Criminology does not deal directly with the public, as it receives various examination requests from different police stations, the Public Prosecutor, or the courts.

Can I get a copy of a report?

No, where the concerned party is delivered.

How can I get management training?

Specialized Training (applicant with experience in the field):
Should apply to the Dubai Police Head Quarter from your work.

Students Training (University, School Training):
Should apply to the Dubai Police Head Quarter from your university/school.

The applicant should contact the Dubai Police General Headquarters

How do the relevant auditors arrive (at the request of the expert) for the Department's review of the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence?

Obtain an entry permit from the reception building of the Dubai Police Headquarters (Gate 2).

How can I obtain the remains of the deceased?

Obtain a letter from a competent authority (police station, prosecution) attached to a deposit form regarding the delivery of the body.

Does the Department of Criminology provide psychotherapy or counseling?

No, The Department of Criminology specializes in the preparation of psychological and criminal reports and the issuance of special recommendations that are implemented by the concerned authorities.

What is the difference between electronic forensic department and cybercrime department?

The Department of Electronic Forensic Evidence extracts electronic evidence from the devices required to be examined at the request of police stations, prosecutors, and investigations. The Department of Cybercrime takes reports related to cybercrime and its follow-up through research and investigation.