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Detection and evaluation of DNA methylation markers found at SCGN and KLF14 loci to estimate human age.

Authors: Alghanim, H., Antunes, J., Silva, D.S.B.S., Alho, C.S., Balamurugan, K., McCord, B.

Publish year: 2017

Evaluating the effectiveness of the early warning information system (EWIS).

Authors: SaadEldin, M., Mubarak, A.H.

Publish year: 2017

Developing an intelligent decision support system approach for crisis preparedness.

Authors: Mohamed, M.S.E., Binsultan, A.A.

Publish year: 2017

Nondestructive Handheld Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Analysis of Spectroscopic Changes and Multivariate Modeling of Thermally Degraded Plain Portland Cement Concrete and its Slag and Fly Ash-Based Analogs.

Authors: Leung Tang, P., Alqassim, M., Nic Daéid, N., Berlouis, L., Seelenbinder, J.

Publish year: 2016

The relationship between enterprise resource planning, total quality management, organizational excellence, and organizational performance-the mediating role of total quality management and organizational excellence.

Authors: Saleh Al-Dhaafri, H., Zien Bin Yusoff, R., Kaid Al-Swidi, A.

Publish year: 2014

A validated gas chromatography mass spectrometry method for simultaneous determination of cathinone related drug enantiomers in urine and plasma

Authors: Alremeithi, R.H., Meetani, M.A., Khalil, S.A.

Publish year: 2016

The mediating role of TQM and organizational excellence, and the moderating effect of entrepreneurial organizational culture on the relationship between ERP and organizational performance

Authors: Al-Dhaafri, H.S., Al-Swidi, A.K., Yusoff, R.Z.B.

Publish year: 2016