General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology
Traffic Services
Technical Affairs Department
Technical Control Section

It is the main department in public administration,
It is concerned with the receipt of all seized items and samples associated with the requests for tests, in accordance with the policy published at the force level, within the standards of safety and security.

Outbound Archive section

Is the last stop of the series of technical inspection procedures, where the results of the tests are received in addition to the scores on which the tests were conducted in accordance with the conditions of the receipt mechanism and fraught with security and safety procedures.
Keeping technical reports and progress until handing them over to the competent authorities.

Building Security Section

The Department receives the vehicles, machinery and equipment to be inspected, diagnosed and maintained to ensure that the evidence is not lost, and then transferred to the sections according to specializations in order to prepare technical reports by experts.

Section Duties:
  • Security control of the building.
  • Achieve ISO requirements (environmental and occupational safety).
  • On the security of staff, equipment and building.
  • Maintaining equipment.