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Pink Panther suspect trades cell in Spain for Japan

The return of an alleged Pink Panther member to Japan — Rifat Hadziahmetovic — is part of a project among more than 180 countries to fight an international crime syndicate.

The organisation was nicknamed “the Pink Panther gang” by British police, borrowing from a 1960s film caper.

The real gang is suspected of orchestrating robberies around the world in the past ten years which netted more than 250 million euros in gems.

The police in Tokyo believe the Montenegrin man they have in custody robbed a store in the Ginza district in 2007.

The suspect was arrested in March 2009 in Cyprus and was sent to Spain in connection with other charges and held until the present extradition.

Interpol says there may be up to 200 Pink Panther members, many of whom are Serbian former soldiers.