Public Opinion Center - Establishment of POC

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Establishment of POC

The efforts of Opinion Survey Section and the measurements of opinion surveys results for the internal and external customers had a great role in supporting the idea of establishing a specialized center for surveys to measure the internal and external customers and public opinion orientations.

  • The department has benefited from the best global practices in opinion surveys through the Internet, such as Gallup, and has studied scientific references in this specialized area.
  • Study and analysis the last experience of Opinion Survey Section and identifying its development aspects.
  • Procedures and work systems were prepared and circulated internally to the specialized opinion surveys authorities.
  • Review a set of logos through organizing a competition for the best logo design for Public Opinion Center.
  • Display the system of Public Opinion Center to the specialist lecturer who was a representative of Gallup; an international institution.
  • Review the previous organizational structure of Opinion Survey Section and modify it to meet the work requirements in accordance with the system of Public Opinion Center.
  • Review work procedures by external and internal ISO auditor and modify them according to the system requirements of Public Opinion Center.
  • Getting the Senior Management approval for the organizational structure and work procedures (Decision 24/2005), then publishing them To Whom It May Concern
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