Traffic Institute
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Traffic Institute
The Objectives of Institute of Traffic
  • Spread traffic awareness to the internal audience (police force members) and external audience (companies and individuals).
  • Organize educational traffic related courses, workshops and seminars.
  • Rehabilitation of reckless drivers known for committing dangerous violations.
  • Enroll the violating motorists (with high black points record) in specialized courses.
  • Conduct researches on the best practices in traffic domain and implement selectively what is suitable to Dubai. 
  • Equip the police force members with the required skills to handle traffic issues by empowering them with relevant knowledge and education.
  • Elevate the Institute of Traffic to academic levels and gain accreditation on an international altitude.
  • Produce periodicals and books suitable academically for publishing - spreading traffic awareness and knowledge across educational institutes, colleges, and schools.
  • Revise the traffic related laws and decrees and examine its effectiveness in seizing traffic violations.