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Traffic Points Deduction Courses

Unprecedented, pursuant to UAE Traffic Law, if the driver attends this course 8 of his black points shall be erased, so he can avoid to draw his driving license if his points attain 24 black points

The steps to deduct the traffic black points
  • Accumulate Traffic Points more than 8 less than 24 points
Registration Rules
  • The beneficiaries: all drivers who have accumulated black points less than 24 points.
  • Procedures and documents to enroll in the course:
  • Payment of all Traffic fines.
  • Present the points statement, and they shall be less than 24 points.
  • Fill in the registration form.
  • Payment of the course fees 810 AED.
  • Appointment to attend the Course. 
  • The traffic black points will be deducted after attending the Course.
  • Payment shall be in cash and at the time of attending the Course, for registration please visit the Traffic Institute
  • Dubai Traffic HQ, Sheikh Zayed Road- Barsha Branch.
General Rules
  • UAE Traffic Law provide this benefit for all drivers have accumulated black points less than 24 points in one year.
  • UAE Traffic Law allows to deduct 8 black points provided that voluntary attending of the Traffic Points Deduction Courses. 
  • UAE Traffic Law does not allow to use this benefit twice a year. 
  • The Law allows to add more than one fine but not exceed 8 black points.
  • the Course consists of 4 lectures in one day, each lecture is one hour. By the end of this Course 8 black points will be deducted.