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At the GITEX Global 2023, the Dubai Police unveiled its self-driving security patrol aimed at enhancing safety in residential areas.

Lieutenant Rashid bin Haidar from the Dubai Police's General Department of Administrative Affairs introduced the eco-friendly, fully electric patrol vehicle to the exhibition visitors. The vehicle's battery lasts up to 15 hours and can reach speeds of 5 to 7 kilometres per hour.

Designed specifically for residential zones, the patrol's main objective is to boost security coverage. It features an advanced camera with a 360-degree capture capability. Additionally, with its smart technology and artificial intelligence, the vehicle can detect criminal behaviour, recognize faces, and read car license plates.

Direct Communication:

The patrol is also equipped with direct communication technologies, allowing it to liaise in real-time with the Command and Control Center at the Dubai Police's General Operations Department.

Drone Onboard:

Lieutenant Rashid noted that the patrol includes an onboard drone. “This drone can access areas the vehicle cannot and maintains direct wireless communication with the patrol once launched,” he said.

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