Smart Police Station - Smart Police Station(SPS)

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Smart Police Station (SPS)
About the Project:

The Smart Police Station (SPS) is an integrated interactive self-service police station. It is the first of its kind, in the Middle East and it allows the community members to apply for Dubai Police services that are provided at traditional police stations.

The Station provides many smart services, e.g., register a criminal report, delivery of found materials, and all requests of certificates and permits.

This type of self-service stations, supported by smart and interactive technologies, will be established in many new areas and projects, within the Emirate of Dubai. They will enable customers to complete their transactions, smartly, and without having to visit the traditional police stations or to wait in queues to complete their transactions.

The project to include the development of a number of self-service centers, distributed across the Emirate of Dubai, offering services in such ways, as “Drive Thru” and “Walk Thru”.

timer Last Updated Date : 16/08/2022